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~ Terms Of Service ~
All Prices are listed in Canadian (CDN) Currency.
When we list the size of the Print, we provide both the size of the image, and overall size which includes the white margin around the image.  Sizes are rounded to the nearest half-inch and nearest centimetre.
We prefer to Ship to a PayPal Confirmed Address:
"An address is confirmed if the buyer’s credit card billing address matches his or her shipping address. In some instances, PayPal can also confirm an address by examining the buyer’s PayPal account history." - PayPal website
(Registering for a Confirmed Address is easy. The PayPal website explains how.)
"All Sales are Final" : We provide clear information about every Limited Edition Print being sold.
We provide a telephone number and eMail address for your use to obtain, or confirm, information about any Print in which you are interested before you buy.
You also have the opportunity to see large images of Prints prior to purchase.
Therefore we reserve the right, unconditionally, to accept or reject any request for a refund.
~ Shopping This Site For Your Limited Edition Print ~
Starting from the Home Page (or the bottom of this page) you may shop by Artist or by Category.
On a Theme or an Artist Page you'll see information displayed in boxes:
Neil Blackwell
Home For The Holidays
(Sold Out) Unframed  $150.00
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To see a large image and more information about the Print
click on either the small image or the arrow.
~ Ordering Your Limited Edition Print ~
Rather than use flat-rate shipping we will use your Postal Code or Zip Code to calculate specific shipping costs to your area.  When we have emailed to you the final price for the Print plus Shipping you have two options for payment.
PayPal handles your transaction securely.  Including Credit Card payments.
If you prefer, mail a Money Order payable to:
"Jayne DeRoy" c/o Purvis Gallery & Framing, Ltd.,
86 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA K8A 5M6.
With a Money Order please include a note specifying the Print(s) you are buying.  They will be shipped to you promptly once the Money Order has been cashed.
~ Shipping Your Limited Edition Print ~
We ship via Purolator within Canada and via UPS to the U.S.A.
For other destinations special arrangements must be discussed.
We do not ship C.O.D.
We prefer to Ship to a PayPal Confirmed Address.
(See Terms Of Service for details.)
We do not use flat-rate shipping. We calculate the cost of mailing the item to your local area.
Limited Edition Prints should not be rolled, so we don't use poster tubes.  We pack your Limited Edition Print with care and label the package with appropriate warnings for the handlers.
We will have your Print with the Courier within a week of our receiving payment.
If you require the Print to be shipped earlier than that, please advise us, and we will make extra effort to ship it sooner, at no extra cost.
You are welcome to contact us with questions and we're interested in your opinions about how to improve this web site.
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