Limited Edition Prints
Purvis    Nature Art    Gallery
Pembroke, Ontario
This Is An Online Catalogue - These Items Are Not Shipped
They Are Picked-Up At Purvis Gallery & Framing, Ltd., In Pembroke, ON
We're Selling Real and Original LEPs
These Limited Edition Prints were published through companies such as Artist's Garden, Greenwich Workshop, Millpond Press, Village House Publishing.
These Prints are guaranteed genuine.  Signed and Numbered by the Artist.
They are not posters, not facsimile prints, not images taken from books, or otherwise imitations of the originals.
They are not second-hand. They have not been hanging somewhere, exposed to various lighting, discolouring over time.
This is also true for the pre-framed Limited Edition Prints listed on this site. Nothing has been 'gently used' or anything of that sort.
They are stored in acid-free materials, in an air-conditioned environment, away from any direct lighting.
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